Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dear Dad

“Old as she was, she still missed her daddy sometimes.”.... Gloria Naylor

When I got married my father gave me away, officiated and read his letter to me entitled “To My Daughter on Her Wedding Day” I’m not going to share that letter here. It’s reserved for those who attended and is very close to my heart.

Father’s Day is the hardest day of the year for me. My father was my hero and best friend. I decided after 18 years it was my turn to write a letter back to him:

Dear Dad,

You always lead by example. You taught me strength, perseverance, and tolerance. I can recall the day I had to go to that evil dentist in were going to deck him. I still hate dentists. I had a passion for “cut out dolls and clothes”. Every time I bumped my head or fell, you would bring a cut out kit home for me. In particular I recall the time I fell down the steps at our house on Chemin de Chambly. I bumped my head so bad....You brought me the biggest and best cut out doll and clothes ever.

We moved to Perth after that. I can still see the green bike with the metallic banana seat that you bought me. I remember when you took off the training wheels and I freely sailed down Clyde Street. I can still hear your speech after I told B. Hewitt to “F-Off “...Not sure who taught me that phrase but it felt good to spit it out. When Auntie Georgette went back to France, I was devastated. You held me and reassured me that I would see her again. I haven’t yet, but she’s back in Canada and I will see her again soon.

I loved our fishing trips. I can hook any worm. I still refuse to fillet the fish. You always accepted my friends as family. I love you for that. You never accepted my boyfriends... For the record my first love was “Rick” not Ralph and the other was Wayne not “Wolf-fang”. I know you always loved and accepted Steve and we have survived 18 years.

I can recall when my first patient died. I was a wreck. Yet you drove me out to Memory Gardens to say "good bye". Ironically you rest only a few yards from her now. The best memory of all was my birthday in 1983. I was doing my medical unit placement on the med/surg unit at St. Mary’s Hospital. Sister Theresa paged me; she had an oatmeal/choc chip muffin from Norris’ Bakery, with a white candle in it. I looked at her and said “how do you know it’s my birthday”...She replied “It’s from your Dad”. That was the best gift I ever received.

I could go on and no...You should see your grandkids. While you’re with Belle in heaven, you need to know that Caitlin, Erinn, Hilary, James, and Adam are amazing. You would bust with pride to know them.

Be proud...your kids are a cool and your grandkids rock!

Happy Father’s Day Golden Eagle...

Love always and forever,

Falling Rock