Sunday, April 12, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Babes

“When you least expect it, expect it.”...RC

I’ve been fighting purple dragons for over a month. So needless to say this 4-day Easter weekend was a welcome relief for me to be able to sit back and rejuvenate with friends and family. I wasn’t expecting to find the strength I needed from my little nephew. But there he was ready and able to lead me where I needed to go.

On Good Friday he and I sat at his kitchen island creatively exploring his new activity book. We found the missing objects in pictures, connected the dots, and navigated through the labyrinth to discover Easter eggs. He told me what he thought was “ridiculous” and what was not to be “discussed right now”.

Suddenly he said “let’s play outside”. He donned his coat and off we went under the full moon to Camelot. He became “Sir James Lancelot” and I “The Lady Jacqui of Shalott”. Grabbing a garden shovel, he told me to "stand back”...he had to slay dragons and evil to protect me. So together through his courtyard we transcended into a land of make believe, laughed and enjoyed the simple connection of two souls having fun together.

Finally, feeling cold I said I had to go inside and get ready to go home. He resisted that suggestion. I resorted to telling him my dog Rupert was waiting at my home and needed to pee. He looked deep into my eyes and said, “No he doesn’t, Rupert is sleeping right now.” Once inside he appeared with a stuffed dog, ran to the corner of the room and yelled, “Rupert just peed and pooped, you can stay longer now”

When the time came to leave, Sir James Lancelot came up to me and said, “You can’t go, Rupert is in the kitchen and he wants you, not me, you have to stay for him.” I didn’t want to leave either. Together we slayed the dragons that were wearing me down. More than that he gave me the piss and vinegar I need to keep slaying purple dragons.

Thanks Sir James are my Easter and the apple of my eye. I love you buddy.

Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger... Psalms 8:2.........whoever would have “thunk” it eh...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Easter Hope for Kiefer

Easter is my favourite time of year. A time for hope and renewal as we celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

I’ve written about Kiefer before. He was diagnosed with a glioblastoma at Christmas 2006 with a recurrence at Christmas 2007. In September 2008 he was told to get his house in order.

Since that time Kiefer has been fighting the good fight. While Canadian physicians had nothing more to offer, Kiefer opted for alternative therapy treatments in Berlin. The tumour has marginally reduced in size and he continues to experience headaches and suffers from spatial memory and hand-eye coordination impairments. Kiefer will be returning to Berlin for his last treatment shortly.

Today Kiefer and Rockford celebrated the return of Tiger to their golf world, betting on Tiger’s outcome at the Masters this Easter weekend. I overheard Rockford, commending Kiefer for being a brave soldier and acknowledging him for his inspiration, courage, perseverance and faith. The Ya-Ya Brotherhood, always the best of friends.

While watching the Masters this Easter weekend we will be gathered with friends and family and believing for Kiefer’s miracle. Kiefer, you lead by example. God’s not finished with you yet. Thank you for being a friend. We believe Kief and you are loved! Happy Easter buddy...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Proper English?

“Two nations separated by a common language”

Unlike my brother Fish I am not a Monarchist but could become one. However, being British I can’t NOT fall in love with England. We journeyed to London for March Break. It was the most action packed vacation week of my life. I fell in love with London but most of all enjoyed our family time together. Well except for the 5th art gallery...

This time for some reason I was particularly intrigued by how the British use the English language. I recognize that North American and British English have a common root back to the days of our Pilgrim Fathers. But I take exception when the Brits make accusations of some words and grammar being Americanisms, when in fact they're far from it so I’m highlighting some Briticisms which amused me immensely.

British English/ North American English

· Toilets/Washrooms
· Tube/Subway
· Lift/Elevator
· At the weekend/on the weekend
· Fag/smoke
· To Let/For Rent
· Rail/Train
· Platform/Station
London has worst coffee in the world coupled with the fact that they don’t have 10% coffee cream. The soil is fertile there for Tim Horton’s...So I gave up the coffee and resorted to bottled water which contained “proper“fruit. As opposed to improper fruit? I discovered “proper” fruit meant from real fruit not artificial flavours. We had dinner at The “Proper” Burger which meant 100% beef burgers. So very proper indeed, real and authentic products. And they were good!

As my daughter will attest, British men are beautiful. They know how to dress. Maybe a little too metro sexual but very nice eye candy. Who doesn’t like a man with a British accent anyway? They could teach Canadian men a few things about ditching the golf shirts and the chinos and getting a real haircut.

While we toured history I have to acknowledge that the Tower of London, Windsor Castle and St. Paul’s Cathedral were my favourite places. I honoured Florence Nightingale in St. Paul’s Crypt. She is only one of three women buried there. That tells you she wasn’t “just a nurse”. So wash your hands. I am in awe of Sir Christopher Wrens’ St, Paul’s masterpiece.
I walked the poets’ corner at the Westminster Abby when suddenly Austin, Carroll, Lewis, Shakespeare and Blake came to life. I witnessed Diana’s gowns and hailed our King Billy at Kensington Palace...long live Ulster. I observed the crown jewels and honoured the faith of our fathers at St George’s Chapel.

Only Fish knows what I sound like when I say this but... “God Save the Queen”. London Rocks!