Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Deet

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." - Anais Nin

When I travel for work I tend to recollect significant memories that take me to the places that I call “home”. This week I travelled 2500 km conducting pre-accreditation survey prep visits. Each town I rolled through generated old memories. As I passed the US border near Gananoque ON I recounted the memories of vacation days in the Eastern States with my friend Deet in her “baby poop” coloured Benz singing along to John Denver songs.

Our friendship adventure began while working in the Intensive Care Unit at Grand River Hospital in 1987. We had our “rounds”, loved to shop, do lunch and just talk about life and all therein. We vacationed together. Our favourite place was Boston Massive-two-tits... I can still remember “Perry’s Motel”, the flea bag hole in New Hampshire. We registered and discovered bed bugs and left. As we drove away Perry waved. I can still hear Deet saying “Perry is waving and thinking...they’ll be back”. Sure enough we couldn’t find alternate lodging and “we went back”.

Later we worked together at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. We both lived on Elm Street, she on the 3rd floor and myself on the 5th. That complex was a nightmare of sorts. We had adventures at the Eaton’s LancĂ´me make up bar as it was critical that we purchased what was required to look like Isabella Rossellini. Dinners at Bemelmans, movies in Yorkville, hair products from the Toronto Barber Shop, too many bra purchases, hairstyle upon hairstyle and many late nights talking over wine and Cheesies joined us at the hip.

Divorce, marriage/remarriage, births, death of parents and a spouse and “we’re still standing”. Cheesecake bakeoffs and late night Soirees are forefront in my mind. Deet holds the record for the best leg of lamb. Our cheesecakes are tied; however, she taught me how to bake them so she takes the cake there too.

Well today is Deet’s birthday. I can still remember when she turned 30...but who’s counting? I’m happy she has found love again and will be remarrying this September, most of all I’m grateful for our many years of friendship.

Just a few quotes for Deet that only she and I can appreciate...

“What do you mean my kidneys don’t work?” ....ICU Pt.

“I’m hungrier than hell” ....Karen C

“Those shorts and white Cotton Ginny T can stand in the corner on their own” ...Moi

Happy Birthday Deet! Love Ya Pouge xoxo