Saturday, January 9, 2010

Learn to Be Still

“You just keep on running, keep on running”...Don Henley

It’s a week into 2010 and I haven’t made any resolutions. That isn’t unusual as I never make them. I prefer positive affirmations and to follow my heart and gut. They never fail me. As the New Year slid in, I reflected on 2009. With a labour disruption and accreditation, it was an interesting year of chaos, uncertainty, waiting and finally victory.

The most valuable lesson I learned was that my friends and family made the greatest sacrifice to support me professionally. I am grateful for their undying commitment, faith and tolerance of my frequent physical absence from daily life in the ranks. I learned my friends will share their bubble to banish collective fear and that the only thing to fear is fear itself. Those friends know just when to call and when to hold the flashlight up in the tunnel so I can see “into the shining sun”. Those friends know when to take the wheel and yield when I’m directionally challenged. Those friends are the first to celebrate my successes. Those friends forgive, accept, support, love and challenge me to greater heights.

I was in the East Coast, the West Coast and every nook and cranny of Ontario, went to England, Italy, Croatia, Turkey, Greece, France, Monaco and Spain and in between enjoyed those endless summer nights at Kettle Point. In total I only slept in my own bed approximately 100 nights in 2009. It was a year of self discovery that I will never forget.

So 2010...what will it bring? I can’t watch paint dry or feel grass growing under my feet, but my inner voice tells me I need to “learn to be still”. That’s not easy for me. I will slow down and savour the gifts and people in my life. I will love and accept love freely and with my whole heart. I will accept people unconditionally. I will not tolerate injustice. I will keep my mind and heart open to possibilities. I will lift people up, build bridges and support their pillars when the winds around them blow. I will always be true to myself. I will have the courage to leave behind that what no longer nourishes or enriches my life. I will believe. This or something better now manifests itself for me in totally satisfying and harmonious ways for the highest good of all concerned.

I wish you a happy and productive 2010!
Gotta run now...MWAH