Friday, October 9, 2009

So Long Kiefer (1962-2009)

“No one ever dies unless they are forgotten.”...Ojibwa legend

I learned years ago that in Ojibwa there is no word for “goodbye”. I think that very premise is what drew my fascination towards Ojibwa culture, history and rituals in the first place. Six weeks ago our beloved Kiefer went to meet his “Maker”. Cancer kicked him down too young and left the rest of us wondering why...

As rituals go, surrounded by friends and family, I paid my respect to him that weekend. Kief and my husband were best friends for over 40 years; I had the privilege to share in that friendship for the past 20 years. Unfortunately I’ve been in a phrenic work state of mind these past few months and failed to pause long enough to honour a friendship that selflessly taught and nurtured us.

Kief’s birthday was this week; he wasn’t here to celebrate it. Kief was known as our noble “Kraut”. Tomorrow marks the start of Oktoberfest and Thanksgiving weekend, Kitchener Civic Square will be bustling with pomp and ceremony, music and dancing. As the fanfare of trumpeters sound off the official opening of the 41st annual Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest, and the mayor taps the keg and says “Willkommen to Oktoberfest”...I promise Kiefer that I won’t say “now go home”.

Our memories of you are precious and hidden deep in our hearts. We miss you. Happy Birthday! As we give thanks this weekend, we will remember everything you have given and shared in our lives.

As the Irish blessing goes, “May God hold you in the hallow of his hand until we meet again”. Love you always and you on the rainbow bridge and we’ll do the chicken dance...

"And here I am - knocking at your door with expectations of my own.
Ojibwa legend

Cheers ;-)

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